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Leading women on the bold journey to choosing themselves by prioritizing rest in every area of their lives.


My name is Tanya Murphy,

Welcome To The Ryyst Lab.

Your journey to deep, meaningful rest begins here! 

I created The Ryyst Lab to guide women to the truth that they are worthy of having a safe, healing space to cultivate rest.  I deeply understand having to fight to overcome the crushing weight of stress, anxiety, physical and mental fatigue and straight up panic.  I know how frustrating and dehumanizing it can be as a woman, particularly a woman of color, to not feel seen or heard when discussing your health and mental wellbeing with your physician or even those in your community.  After years of being given one medication after the next with no evaluations; no hormone testing; no ADHD evaluation even though I asked; and struggling with sleep issues for almost a decade, I decided to take hold of my wellbeing and become the expert I needed. I began studying brain based health and wellness and neuroscience and received several holistic and brain based wellness certifications all while incorporating what I'd learned into my own life.  Implementing a variety of wellness strategies I was able to overcome the effects of chronic stress. I finally received an Inattentive ADHD diagnosis and I created a protocol to live in harmony with ADHD. I was able to improve my sleep and lower my blood pressure, all leading to the founding of The Ryyst Lab.


As a Brain Based Wellness Practitioner and Mindset Consultant I've helped hundreds of women across the country embrace rest and cultivate a lifestyle that supports their overall wellbeing.

I'd love for you to join my private community group Ryyst & Dwell to help you embrace rest and cultivate the habits and skills to live a restful, peaceful and intentional lifestyle. 


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Ryyst Interior Aesthetics


Interior Design With Rest In Mind

Work with our in-house Interior Designer, Mamie Allen, to bring in various design elements to complement your rest.  Your bedroom is your oasis, it speaks to who you are and what calms and soothes you.  Using science backed concepts we curate your sleep experience in a way that enhances your rest and wellbeing.


Feedback From Our Clients

I highly recommend Cultivating Wellbeing. I have very bad anxiety and stress issues to the point it was affecting my every day life. I was recommended to Tanya and thank goodness!  Tanya is the best!  She is extremely welcoming and devotes time to you.  She listens to your needs and really cares about your well being.  I tried one session and instantly felt better.  I felt like a weight had been lifted and I could actually breathe again.  I actually purchased a monthly membership, best money I have spent!  So far I have tried the halo with sauna therapy, brain tap and silent mode.  I cannot wait to experience the other services.  To anyone who is curious, please schedule your appointment, you will not be sorry.

C. Perez

You have to visit Cultivating Wellbeing!! This Mind Body Spa is absolutely amazing!! My experience began the moment I walked in the door.  The staff is great and eager to assist you. The studio is fresh, clean and truly state of the art! I tried the Halo Breathe & Detox followed by the BrainTap Sleep Meditation.  The Halo Breathe & Detox was wonderful and the BrainTap Sleep Meditation was simply indescribable!

Jacqueline Burrell

I received the Biomat service that included Red Light Therapy and BrainTap.  I've been diagnosed with tendinitis in my foot.  While the Red Light Therapy concentrated on my foot, my whole body received healing benefits from the biomat.  The owner, Tanya Murphy is very caring and knowledgable. She has a genuine love for her work and for her clients.  I'm also pleased to say that the service was extremely beneficial. My foot is pain free today!

Cathy Jones